High Resolution Vector Wallpaper

Need some clean vector wallpapers for your next project, or simply to make your desktop less boring? download these free backgrounds and enhance your designs. These abstract wallpapers were all created in vector, which allows easy scaling and color manipulation. These beautiful backgrounds were designed by combining transparent effects with layer effects on Illustrator. The use of simple objects along with repetitive patterns, and bright gradients give these backgrounds a surreal look. Along with the vector backgrounds are the raster (bitmap) versions  at a resolution of 1920 x 1440. This resolution can easily be scaled to more popular 1024 x 768, 800 x 600, and similar sizes with the same ratio. They can also be cropped to fit wide-screen monitors. Download these free wallpapers and enhance your desktop, or edit the vector version and create your own unique background to use on your next website.

free vector wallpaper

Preview a wallpaper sample (jpeg 1920×1440)

    Download Vector Wallpaper

  • Illustrator file with 4 vector backgrounds (ai vector)
  • Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG vector)
  • 4 high resolution wallpapers 1920×1440 (.jpg)
  • thumbnail (.jpg)

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  1. Henry on

    Excellent observation. I will try to incorporate SVG formats in all future vector downloads. I’ve updated this download to include the SVG format. The only time when SVG may not used is if the file size becomes unmanageable or if certain effects will not apply. Thanks for your suggestion Shane.
    -Henry OpenGraphicDesign.com

  2. Shane on

    They are very nice but seeing as how this is “open” graphic design, shouldn’t they be available in SVG?

  3. Terri on

    creating an e-book now, and so many of your designs are perfect for it: I will not only credit you but link to your site in the book.

    Thanks so much!

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