Decorative Swirls (vector)

December 16th, 2008 | Posted in Print, Web

Need to spice up your graphics with some floral swirl designs? Download these free vector swirls and incorporate them on your next illustration.  These vector graphics are perfect for adding an ornate or elegant feel to a design. Easily manipulate these decorative elements and create your own motif. Rotate, flip and change colors of these vector objects to create your own floral pattern. Swirl graphics will work great on ethnic designs or retro compositions. Download these vector elements and easily create your own floral backgrounds.

decorative swirls vector graphics

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33 Comments to “Decorative Swirls (vector)”

  1. khursheed says:

    Respected sir

    i appreciate the design seem to exuberant and impressive so how do i view just to ease my tention when looking at artisitcs values acts as a stress buster while surfing

  2. Sean Tan says:

    Very nice vector swirl design. very smooth and artistic

  3. I think this is a great and very awesome
    I’ve done similar before, but not to this level or extent.

  4. M says:

    ahh nice stuff. thanks

  5. Mike says:


    Thank you very much!

    You the man!

  6. : : Al :: says:

    Thanks for sharing – inspiring and very helpful!

  7. Wilson Fernando says:

    Very nice stuff

  8. uchen says:

    Its a great idea.
    thanks for inspire me.

  9. Ankit says:

    thanxs for your open help
    extraordinary stuff

  10. Tomou Yani says:

    Fantastic work of art

  11. Pilar Gonzalez says:

    Puedes bajar estos decorative swirls, es que yo no puedo.


  12. Henry says:

    @Pilar, si. el archivo esta funcionando normalmente.

  13. Sopna says:

    I think this is a great and fantastic work of art….
    And there s a lot of graphic stuffs,it s very useful to graphic designers…
    BYE FRNDS……………

  14. Carmencitaliana says:

    Thanks for the great works to all you graphic designers…you help make our work, art papers, scrapbooks etc. a lot better looking. Kudos to you! And thanks for the freebies too.

  15. Grateful says:

    I second Carmencitaliana’s comments. THANK YOU!!!

  16. live arts says:

    thanks for this art
    it’s good for designer

  17. CWeir says:

    I simply love floral swirls –thanks so much for this!!

  18. anita says:

    Its inspiring! thank you for sharing a wonderful work of art.

  19. Agatha says:

    great works! thanks for sharing, it’s very helpfull..

  20. One says:

    thank you very much!!!!very nice!!!

  21. rambo says:

    thanks yaar…
    its nice

  22. epit says:

    thanks for the source.have a nice day

  23. Ady says:

    Miiiiil Graciaaaaas!
    Me han sido de gran ayuda!

  24. tapedave says:

    awesome, thanks!!!!

  25. Gunwnat says:

    very nice
    thanks, it is the best for designing works

  26. Stivin stephen says:

    Not bad

  27. Catherine Coombs says:

    Thank you. Just what I need to finish off my project :-)

  28. heena patel says:

    Great very nice collection i like very much thnxx for sharing….))

  29. Mayur Patel says:

    very nice collection i like this tnxx for sharing……………

  30. Liisa says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing! These are soo beautiful!

  31. BOB says:

    is it possible to take a single deisng out of the whole picture, as in a single swirl out of the whole picture??

  32. darkSpark says:

    WRF – you can get those anywhere – grrr

    isn’t there anything new around? gessus.

    sigh… if you want pro – gotta pay i’m afraid

  33. otp says:

    Thanks for share this file.

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