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September 10th, 2010 | Posted in Print, Web

This set of technical banners are all in vector art and can be used for website header art, online ads or website backgrounds.  Its easy to place your communication on top of this art and make it your own.  Created in various layers, it is easy to modify the graphics, text and colors of these banners. With a set of 8 colorful banners it is easy to get started right away.

This set of tech banners can be used in various applications, from web banners to large print banners. Easily add your message to the top and see how quickly these vector graphics attract attention. You can easily modify the colors and scale these banners because they are all in vector form. This allows you to manipulate every element and line on each illustration.

These banners contains various tech elements including, repeating patterns, hexagons, waves, circles, sharp lines, stripped lines, checkers, dots, rectangles, transparency, gradients, digital patterns, binary elements, colorful gradation, spheres, vertical and horizontal lines.

These technology graphics can be used in:

  • Business Banners
  • Creative advertising campaigns
  • Website headers
  • Rotating ads
  • Business cards backgrounds
  • Flyer backgrounds
  • Software applications
  • Tech conference graphics
  • Car and automobile print materials
  • Large billboard advertisements
  • Any print and web design

Download this set of contemporary background graphics and create your own techie banners. Use these illustrations and modify them to create your own vector designs.

    downloadDownload tech background banners

  • Illustrator vector file with all logos (.ai)
  • EPS vector file (.eps)
  • Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG vector)
  • Thumbnail preview (.jpg)

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  2. Simple and eye catching. Just the way I like it

  3. this banner eye catching i like it.

  4. Simon says:

    nice background images! thanks, Simon at Pixmac Photography

  5. Valaki says:

    tks! u’re the best :)

  6. adiguna says:

    cool banner colorful.. very nice images.. thanks !

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    banners is very nice, thanks for sharing

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    attractive banner!

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    very good, thanks a lot

  10. Brian says:

    These are great just what I was looking for. ty

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    great banners! thanks

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