Tribal Art using vector graphics – Part 3

January 25th, 2009 | Posted in Art

If you liked the first and second set of Tribal Art Graphics, you will enjoy this third pack. This third set of tribal drawings was inspired by traditional and oriental style patterns. Tribal graphics are popular as tattoo drawings and decorative elements. Use these vector graphics on your next grunge design and add an edgier look to your composition. Also check out the first set of tribal art for more design ideas.

Free Tribal Art Graphics Vector EPS

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15 Comments to “Tribal Art using vector graphics – Part 3”

  1. Mudassar Hussain Butt says:

    That’s Brillent

    Best Website in World

  2. Your freebies is really outstanding :) . It will be nice if you share it on Freebies Link Share . I hope your website will be more success ..

  3. sergio says:

    Good Stuff all around + it’s Free.

  4. Rover says:

    Love your site. Wish you had an RSS.

  5. Henry says:

    Thanks. with the excitement of the new theme we forgot to include the RSS icon. there it is now. enjoy!

  6. khadim hussain channa says:

    it is realy very good website

  7. elizer says:

    nice design.. thanks

  8. sitochi says:

    what a tribal…….amazing design I love it
    I’ll wait some more

  9. Vipra says:

    Awesome i wish i could draw these.

  10. jabar says:

    ilove that pec…………..oh god

  11. craig says:

    Do you take requests to tribalize stuff? I’ve been struggling with a couple of things and need help.. lol

    • Henry says:

      Hi Craig, maybe I can help you with one or two tribal drawings, but only if you promise to share your original art with everyone here :-)

  12. Desherra says:

    i love the top left and bottom right. i actually can draw these, and ive been making my own. i use my sister as a volunteer and the designs i make she shows at school. some of them are tribal, and some are like random. for example i made a swirly line that connects a heart, peace circle, and music note for peace love and music. its not the best though.

  13. misael says:

    me parece un material muy bueno

  14. koy says:

    liked it!

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